Friday, January 21, 2011

UFC Continues Social Networking Race with "Fight for Troops" Facebook Webcast

Thanks to Facebook, the UFC is a major social networking player. In fact, the UFC ranks high amongst major sports organizations on Facebook. USA Today ran an article on the UFC's social networking machine last July. At the time, the UFC ranked second to the NBA in Facebook followers with 2.2 million.

UFC grabs attention of Facebook flock
By Sergio Non, USA TODAY
Jul 12, 2010

Mixed martial arts might not be a major-league sport yet among the general populace, but the Ultimate Fighting Championship outstrips most big sports in capturing the loyalty of the Facebook generation.

UFC has a bigger online footprint than most sports organizations, according to experts quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times this past weekend. Social-media consultant Amy Martin sees pro basketball and UFC as leaders in using the Internet to connect with fans:

As for Facebook followers, baseball doesn't rank as high as the National Basketball Association and the mixed martial-arts group, Ultimate Fighting Championship, primarily because the NBA was the most aggressive "first adopter" and the UFC is the fastest-growing sport with an aggressive social-media plan, Martin said.

Fighting Stances took a look at the number of fans for the official Facebook pages of several sports entities:

Sports entity            Facebook followers
NBA                             3,180,826
UFC                             2,269,450
2010 Olympics              1,209,379
WWE                             757,845
NASCAR                        702,701
NHL                               574,112
NFL                                508,906
WNBA                            283,779

In an effort to increase its social networking presence, tomorrow night the promotion will broadcast free preliminary bouts via its Facebook page. Fans can access the page to see master of the guillotine Cody McKenzie take on experienced vet Yves Edwards in a lightweight showdown, and Michael Guymon square off against TUF 9 alum DaMarques Johnson at 170 lbs in "Fight for the Troops 2."

The UFC remains in the run for the Facebook title. The NBA however, continues to lead the pack with a whopping 7.2 million Facebook "likes." Here's how the UFC currently matches up against some other major sports organizations on Facebook:

Sports entity            Facebook followers
NBA                            7,229,300
UFC                            4,559,411
WWE                          3,951,993

NHL                            1,302,660
NASCAR                     1,200,401
NFL                             2,375,009
WNBA                            314,510

UFC "Fight for the Troops 2" will air tomorrow night at 9pm on Spike TV. If the event is successful, the UFC can expect a huge boost in its Facebook fan following!

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