Monday, January 31, 2011

JMMA Update: Possible new Japanese promotion could host planned lightweight tournament

I try my best not to assume that all orthodox MMA fans are automatically fans of Japanese MMA. In fact, it is very difficult for me to understand just how anyone could be an MMA fan and not direct even the slightest attention to the Asian arena. In the life of VinRoKK, MMA and JMMA are synonomous, and as such, it's only right that I keep the faithful North American fans abreast of the going-ons on the other side of the Pacific. And so, I will try my very best to post these updates as regularly as possible.

This and future updates are made possible, in part, due to a connection I've established in Japan. I've been emailing my ass off, trying to secure a contact in Asia who can keep me updated with JMMA info, and I've finally established that connection. For once in my life I feel like am important person -- a real journalist digging for some life-changing news, but enough of my get-a-job-and-a-real-life moment. On to the scoop. . .

*   *   *

The real news is, or might be, that the Japanese lightweight tournament that is hoped to take place sometime this May could take place under a new promotional banner. Yeah, I know, like we need another promotion to keep track of. But here's the deal, it looks like FEG's "Dream" co-promoter, Real Entertainment will be producing the event. FEG currently owes Real Entertainment a ridiculous amount of money. So, FEG will bury it's own grave, while Real Entertainment keeps it movin'. It is very likely that Real Entertainment will discontinue the Dream name, and proceed with a rebranded product.

Meanwhile, the 155 lb. tournament is still in very infantile stages, but more information should be coming down the pipeline sometime soon (this week, hopefully). There's also the possibility of Strikeforce co-promoting with either Real Ent. or FEG. My guess is that if something does happen, it'll be a joint Real Entertainment-Strikeforce venture.

That's all for now folks. I'll post more as the information comes.

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