Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is Nick Diaz the Charles Barkley of MMA?

Yes, you read the title correctly -- Charles Barkley.

Now, I know the differences between the two athletes are far and wide -- one a towering, bald-headed black guy, and the other a skinny, cleft-lipped white kid, but one word sums up their one commonality. Attitude.

Yet still, even as I press the keys, typing away about a subject so random, I'm not even sure why I'm taking this angle. But at the same time, for some strange reason, it makes sense. When I think back on Charles' NBA tenure, and all of the bad boy incidents that stirred his sixteen year career, the gangsteresque character of "Sir Charles" -- spitting on little girls, fights at clubs, and the "I'm not a role model" comments, there's only one MMA fighter (well, a whole bunch really) who would best fill Barkley's size 16 shoes, and that is Nick Diaz.

To make my time in front of this computer short, Nick Diaz is a gangster, a thug, a "g." From post-fight brawls to off-the-wall comments like "pay me a couple f***ing million dollars," Nick Diaz is quite the personality. Love him or hate him, call him delusional, or just plain dumb, but Nick Diaz, much like Charles Barkley, has his own swagger. It's his attitude that stands out. And it's the peculiar I-don't-give-a-f**k attitudes of guys like Barkley and Diaz that will be remembered fifty years from now.

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