Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gimme the Loot! Gimme the Loot!: Dana White Finally Makes Payment on Snoop Dogg Bet

Might be old news, but better late than never... From Dana's UFC 125 Vlog...

Snoop Dogg collects a $20,000 debt from a bet owed to him by UFC prez Dana White. Back in June, Snoop bet Dana White and Donnie Wahlberg that the L.A. Lakers would beat the Boston Celtics in last season's NBA finals. To White and Wahlberg's dismay, Kobe Bryant would lead the Lakers dynasty to their seventeenth NBA Championship. Daz Dillinger, Bishop Don Magic Juan, and Tiki Ghosn look on as White delivers two stacks of crisp Benjamins. You won't see Snoop in his next video smacking video vixens on the ass with these bills though. The funds will go to charity. If it weren't for the smiles, this would look like the typical gangster exchange, but as Snoop would say, "It's all to the good."

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