Monday, January 31, 2011

Fernando Vargas is fat, lazy, and willing to fight Nick Diaz?

Fernando Vargas became a full-time
couchpotato after retiring from

Former IBF middleweight champion Fernando Vargas will soon come out of retirement as a Big Pun look alike to return to boxing. Vargas is scheduled to face Henry Buchanan on April 16th, but he might already has his sights on another potential opponent.

Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz is looking for a big payday outside of the cage. In his quest to make "a couple million f**king dollars," Diaz has expressed his interest in entering the boxing ring. Diaz has mentioned Fernando Vargas as a boxer that he would like to face.

Vargas however, doesn't seem very confident in Diaz as a worthy opponent:
"He's been calling me out saying he wants to fight me. I'm like, 'Who is this guy? You're not an elite mixed martial artist. You're not even in the UFC.' That's definitely a fight that interests me. He got my attention."

"It's unofficial, but my wife says I got on the scale and it said 270. I don't believe her, but I was definitely up there. I started seeing pictures of myself and said, 'Man. Where's my chin? My pants don't fit anymore. What the hell happened?'

"Right now, I'm thinking about [Buchanan]," Vargas said. "But listen, there's another guy that's been opening his mouth that's in MMA -- and that's Nick Diaz."
Clearly, Fernando is very confused. Either all the cupcakes and doughnuts have gone to his head or he's just outright ignorant. First, he says that Nick Diaz is not an "elite" fighter because he's not in the UFC, but then he goes on to suggest that he'd be willing to fight him?

I think Vargas should rethink a career in boxing. I heard Fat Joe needs a new hypeman.

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