Monday, January 24, 2011

The "Because We Get Tired of Talking About Guys all the Time Column" featuring Juliana Salimeni

This series is back by popular demand!!! My last couple of ring girl posts topped my views list. So, for the return of the "Tired of Talking About Guys" blog I've chosen none other than Juliana "Juju" Salimeni.

Juju Salimeni is hoped to be a guest Octagon girl when the UFC makes its return to Brazil at "UFC Rio" in August.

Before you get your eye full, make sure the kids are in bed for this one. I had to pray after I watched it. No, seriously, I did. My wife will probably kill me if she views the page anytime soon. So, if you don't here from my for a while, you know Juju had something to do with it. My excuse -- it was for the fans!

One word for this girl -- hot!

About Salimeni:
Juliana Salimeni is a Brazilian model born on September 24, 1986 in Sao Paolo. Her height is 5`5 and being born on September 24, her zodiacal sign is Libra. She likes her nickname very much (Juju) and prefers that she is called that way (like all the great Brazilians).

Juliana is now a spokesperson for Axe in Brazil and she says she loves her job. She was still relatively unknown, except some pictorials with her on the internet, before January 2010, when she posed for the Brazilian issue of Playboy Magazine. Also, she appeared on the cover of VIP Magazine Brazil, in November 2010, where she made a terrific appearance with her great body and amazing eyes.

So far, 2010 was a great year for Juliana, and they way she looks can just bring her more shoots in the near future.

Quote Props: FamousWhy

One last tidbit of Juju info: in 2007 Juju was a ring girl for Mo Team League, a team concept Brazilian MMA promotion.

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