Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mark Pavelich Says It Again: Part 3

Mark Pavelich, the always colorful personality behind the Maximum Fighting Championships, is well known for channeling his frustrations and aggressions through his typing fingers. This third Facebook installment of his "Yeah, I said It" series is another reminder that Mr. Pavelich is psychotically displeased with the present state of mixed martial arts. Frankly, I have to give the guy credit because he does what good promoters do best -- piss people off. On an off note, my egg nog-induced judgement is telling me to call Pav the "Dana White of Canada," but I'll resist because I wouldn't want to offend my good friends north of the border, and besides, he hasn't publicly spewed enough f-bombs (yet) to earn that title (but our bleep counter is counting). Anyway, as you read Pav's latest rant, just remember -- he said it!

Yeah I Said It! #3
Mark Pavelich, Owner/President Maximum Fighting Championships
Via Facebook
December 29, 2010

There is such a large faction of people in the mixed martial arts world that live in my area who are extremely delusional.

...These people range from fighters to managers and agents, from a motley crew of various hangers-on to ring announcers, and most certainly, promoters. Having to watch it and live through it every day is absolutely sickening.

Here are some examples – these aren’t one time occurrences. Trust me … these types of things happen not just daily, but several times each and every day.

I meet with fighters who have records like 2-0 or 3-1 and they think they are worthy of main-event status. They think they should have big-name sponsorship. And of those two, three or four fights, not a single one has been against remotely challenging opposition. To make matters worse, these fighters have a manager/agent who tosses out contract demands with such a casual attitude, and ask for the kind of money that suits a guy with a 9-1 mark.

But their guy is allegedly a big deal in town. Really? Because he walks around wearing a brand-name T-shirt? This guy is barely even recognizable to MMA fans in the city he lives in, let alone taking him for a walk in a shopping mall to see who might know him (absolutely nobody). And because this fighter has been baby-sat by his manager (and promoters who have provided the opportunity to pad a now-meaningless record) once he gets to a quality show, he gets destroyed. Oh yes, and top that off, then it’s my company’s fault for “getting him a loss.”

These guys actually walk around the city like they are a top-tier athlete. News flash - if you’re not in the MFC, that’s telling you one of two things. Either you’re just not ready because you don’t have enough experience or you’re not good enough, you’ll never be good enough, and stop pretending you are. Every day I bump into some clown that tells me he’s an MMA fighter and he’s ready for the MFC. There is an over-abundance of MMA fighters where I live but such an incredibly small percentage of whom actually know how to fight.

Then you get the fighters who are suited to fight, but they won’t take fights. You’re in the wrong sport. Go try dodgeball – there if you don’t want to play, you can go run laps. I’m incredibly sick of hearing from guys that they don’t want a fight put in front of them because ‘I’m not ready for him’ or ‘I hear he’s (insert ridiculous rumor here)’ or even ‘I don’t want that fight because I might lose.’

Either you’re fighting or you’re not. The elite fighters in the MFC don’t hum and haw about an upcoming opponent. The questions they have? “When’s the fight?” and “When do I get the itinerary?” Nothing more. They’re real fighters. I’m tired and absolutely done with the pretenders.

Everyone believes they can become a fight promoter and then these morons find out that it’s a real job that takes countless hours of hard work and dedication to just be able to keep your head above water in this business.

You need real money to pay fighters. It’s not play money – it’s real. I can’t express the number of organizations that have gone out of business in my area along with the rest of the world where these imbeciles have left a trail of destruction. Most of the damage is irreversible, from not paying fighters to over-paying fighters to not paying staff to not paying anyone. We have been very fortunate to have great sponsors associated with our organization but I have heard horror stories from sponsors about other shows.

One last one on the subject of unscrupulous promoters – stop selling fans, sponsors, and especially fighters with your version of a “TV deal.”

This is so blatantly misleading. Being on tape delay two, three or four weeks after your event does not constitute having a great TV deal. Selling yourself as a top dog by saying you’re on pay-per-view is a pathetic misrepresentation – a buyrate in the 100s is not a worthwhile venture. There are fighters and managers who truly do work hard to get sponsorship dollars and to have their efforts misdirected by a so-called “TV deal” is an embarrassment.

Don’t try to come off bigger than you are by saying you’re on TV to millions around the world. Having your show air three weeks after it actually happened on a Saturday evening opposite Hockey Night in Canada or up against late-night poker on a random Thursday is not a true TV deal … YEAH I SAID IT.

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