Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Leftovers: Renardo Sidney vs. Elgin Bailey, Mississippi State B-Ball Throwdown

Major MMA promotions were quiet this past Christmas weekend, but that doesn't mean there wasn't some good fighting going on.

The fight of the week took place not in the cage, but rather in the basketball arena when Mississippi State teammates Renardo Sidney and Elgin Bailey fell out between games at the second annual Diamond Head Classic in Hawaii last Thursday night. The altercation followed a win over San Diego State in the first round of tournament consolations. Renardo Sidney, who had just returned from a coach-enforced, one-game suspension, scored 19 points in the win. Sidney also missed last season as a result of a NCAA amateurism investigation. Mississippi State went on to loose its next game, falling to Hawaii 57-58. According to ESPN analyst Doug Gottlieb, the altercation started because "Elgin Bailey apparently wouldn't move his legs so that Renardo Sidney could get out of his seat." Both players have been suspended indefinitely.

Considering his past record, Renardo Sidney's basketball career looks shaky, but judging by the way he topples Elgin Bailey with ease and instinctly moves in for the ground-and-pound, this guy might be in the wrong sport.

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