Thursday, December 30, 2010

From the Irrelevant Realm of Total Randomness: 52 Foolishness

There's nothing like a good ol' street fight, especially when those fighting really can't fight at all. I stumbled upon this hilarious video while browsing my news feed on Facebook. It's a video of some of the leaders of the 52 Blocks movement in New York City throwing down in the streets. Based on what I've gathered from other related YouTube vids, there is an ongoing feud between two rival factions of 52 in New York. In the video you see Big K (the guy in the shirt that looks like a skirt), a heavyweight boxer with Constellation, a conglomerate that includes 52 Blocks fighters and the infamous Bartendaz fitness outfit, throw hands with Rahmel, simply called "Rah" for short, leader of a defected rival faction of 52 fighters. Whatever techniques these 52 guys claim to employ is nonexistent in this video as both fighters (if I can even call them that) flail and bail like two schoolyard girls. Then, the "Dance of Death" scene at the end is the cherry on top of the humor-filled cake! Massive props to Sifu Novell G. Bell for the video feed!

About 52 Blocks
52 Blocks is an urban fighting style based on the art "blocking." According to its practicioners, 52 is rooted in slavery, said to have been used as a form of self defense by slaves, and was further developed in the American prison system. Some go as far as claiming its origins in Kemet. The effectiveness of this form of urban combat has been highly criticized on internet comment sections and forums.

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