Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The "Because We Get Tired of Talking About Guys all the Time Column" featuring Rin Nakai and Rachelle Leah

As the above title states, we do get bored with all the 'guy stuff.' No disrespect to our gay fans, but really, too much talk about guys is, So for some girl relief, we've recruited images of the oh-so-sexy Rin Nakai and Rachel Leah.

Rin Nakai is an undefeated mixed martial artist with an extensive background in Judo and submission grappling. Props to for the eye-catching images:

*   *   *

Rachelle Leah is one of the UFC's premiere Octagon Girls. The San Carlos, California native has also appeared in Playboy, AXL, and Muscle & Fitness magazines. Major props to for the "cake" shot...

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  1. Hott tough Girls who could beat the shit out of most average dudes.