Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A War of Words: Joe Rogan vs. "Fighter's Only" Writer Tomas Rios

D'arce choke or Brabo choke?
Arm triangle or near arm choke?
"Brazilian kick" or "question mark kick"?
What's in a name? What's the difference? What does it matter?

Well, if you're Joe Rogan or Tomas Rios, apparently it does matter. It all started at UFC 123 when Nick Lentz and Tyson Griffin faced off in a closely decided bout. Lentz went on to win a controversial split decision over Griffin, but what became even more controversial was the resulting drama between UFC commentator Joe Rogan and Fighter's Only magazine writer Tomas Rios. During the fight, Rogan referred to a kick as a "question mark kick." Rios responded to the reference on Twitter, calling Rogan "clueless," adding that the kick is properly called a "Brazilian kick." The ensuing war of words lead to Rogan calling Rios a faggot and claiming that he had Rios fired from Fighter's Only, a claim that Rios later dismissed.

The question mark kick drama continues via video, below:

...and if you're curious about what the question mark kick/Brazilian kick is, watch the following instructional video:

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