Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eddie Bravo Breaks Down the "Third Option:" Pulling Guard

From some spaced out, alterverse, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu founder and chief instructor Eddie Bravo delivers an interesting dissertation on what he calls "the third option." According to Bravo, an MMA fighter has three options, "You can stand and bang, or you can try to take the guy down to submit or ground and pound a decision. . . There's three things you can do, the only other one is to pull guard."

Eddie focuses on one fighter in particular, British fighter Paul Sass, who recently made his UFC debut. Sass, is currently undefeated in eleven fights with ten coming by way of submission. He won his first seven fights with triangle chokes, and added another triangle victory in his most recent UFC 120 bout with Mark Holst. What Eddie Bravo points out about Paul Sass is his one-dimensional strategy -- pulling guard. Holst's sole strategy is to shoot in deep, pull guard, and look for the triangle. Bravo recognizes that "most fighters are only looking for the first two," referring to takedowns, and striking. He asserts that pulling guard is a viable option in mixed martial arts for those who practice it consistently and work to improve their guard game.

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