Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Attack Mode: Dave Meltzer Calls Strikeforce-Bellator Petitioners "Naive About the Business"?

As a small timer in the game, I could really get my ass ripped for this one. Just remember, I didn't go out like a punk! I took one for the little guys...

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer made comments on today's edition of "Wrestling Observer Radio" that could easily put his head on the stake at local Tea Party rallies (lucky for him, he's not running for office). On a rant about Bellator's push for a Bellator-Strikeforce co-promoted event, Dave Meltzer pulled the following quote out of his ass:

"...Champion vs. Champion, what if your guys lose? You’re the stronger promotion, what’s the upside to that? I mean, granted, you know, like I say Eddie Alvarez and Gilbert Melendez could be a fantastic fight but it’s not, you know… There’s just no upside for Strikeforce for that fight, so that’s kind of where that stands right now and, you know, it puts, you know it’s kind of like the deal where people were clamoring for Dana White to co-promote and bring Fedor into UFC and, you know, you and I were both like, this is ridiculous, but people are very naive about the business of this business and this is the same thing. It’s like, you know, Coker’s looking bad to some people because they’re naive about the business of the business, ‘like we could see these great fights!’ that quite frankly, you know, it’s not like anyone’s clamoring for these fights in the real world. Not that anyone’s clamoring for any fights from Strikeforce in the real world but the point is that, you know, what if the Bellator guys win? Then you’ve got paper champions in Strikeforce, you know, you have your guys lose on your own, it’s absolutely ridiculous business-wise to do this.

But, you know, again, people really don’t understand that aspect of business and, you know, they’re going, ‘Oh, he’s a pussy, he won’t let his guys fight,’ so that’s kind of like where that’s at right now.”


Now, although I'm sort of on a personal rampage with this posting, I will admit that I admire Mr. Meltzer. He is one of the reasons that I have taken to fight journalism. His contributions to the art of journalism combined with his love of combat sports puts him at a level of sports writing that is near unattainable for most of us dweebs. But still, his opinion holds no more weight than the very people he critizes -- us, the little guys. On that note, I will further admit that Meltzer is very accurate in his statement that most fans who desire to see a Strikeforce-Bellator showdown are "naive".

Perhaps Meltzer's sole misjudgement lies in the fact that it is delivered from upon his high horse. He at least implies that others do not understand the business aspect of mixed martial arts which, again, may be true, but the blunt reality of the situation is the same people that might not understand probably don't care. Dave Meltzer is talking to a deaf audience with this one. His assessment of naive fans only indicates his out-of-touchness with the working class, middle man who could care less what goes on in the back offices of a Strikeforce, Bellator, or any other fight promotion for that matter. The average joe's sole purpose is to be entertained. He simply wishes to kick up his feet, and take back a couple of cold ones while viewing unadulterated, bloodwashed cagefighting. Can you blame the plumber, the car salesman, or the school teacher for wanting to see some of their favorite fighters go head-to-head in what would otherwise ony be a dream match? Can you blame them for wanting to see that which is primarily designed to entertain men of their status? Hell no!!!

At this point, I am rambling out of pure frustration, for I stand with the middle men, the little guys. The one's who wish they could talk and write about our beloved sport for a living. The same guys who wouldn't mind seeing Strikeforce and Bellator pair fighters in a twenty foot cage.

*   *   *

So, Mr. Meltzer, if you're out there. This blogs for you! Hopefully, this article will bring you back to your everyday guy senses, upon which you are invited into my home to share cold beer and watch Strikeforce take on Bellator in what could be the biggest cross-promotional effort (if it ever happens).

From the King of Naivete,

P.S.- We care even more if the event is free!

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