Thursday, October 21, 2010

Would Jon Jones Face Rashad Evans for 'Gladiator Status'?

If the looser between you and Rashad Evans were threatened to be thrown into a pit of hungry lions, would you then be willing to fight your good friend?

"Absolutely not. If Rashad Evans won the belt, which I'm hoping he does, my only goal would be to be the toughest contender there is, and keep whipping butt without being champion. I'd stay at 205 and be the second best. That would be my goal. As I said, I'm hoping he wins, we're very proud of him. I couldn't [fight him], he's my mate. All my dreams and aspirations are in the light-heavyweight division, and I'm growing and getting older, but I have quite some time left in the light-heavyweight division. I have a good work ethic because of the wrestling, cutting weight comes easily to me, so I'll wait until weight-cutting becomes miserable before I step up."

Actually, the question UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones responded to went more like this: "Would you fight [Rashad Evans] if he were the champion and you were the top contender?"

Jones offerred his response in a recent ESPN-UK interview. As Jones and Evans both climb the title contention ladder, it appears that such a match-up could become a reality. However, given the friendship between these two gentlemen, any possible faceoff might only take place in the practice arena. There's a strong kinship between the two fighters who share so much in common -- both are from 'upstate' New York, both are African Americans who come from strong wrestling backgrounds, both won National Junior College Wrestling Championships, both train with Greg Jackson's gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico, both compete as light heavyweights in the UFC.

So, if you were looking forward to witnessing this dream match, pump your brakes. The odds of this one happening are as slim as Brock Lesnar visiting Mexico any time soon.

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