Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dana White's Not so Big Announcement: UFC-WEC Merger

A shitload of suspense, for an ounce of satisfaction...

This so-called "news" from Dana White a.k.a. "Captain Obvious" only tells us something we already knew would eventually happen, but it does make things interesting. Now that Zuffa's UFC-WEC merger plans have officially been made public, the new question becomes: "What's next?".

Random Questions and Observations:
  • Curious to see how WEC fighters adjust to the larger UFC cage size.
  • Can we expect to see a bantamweight or featherweight version of "The Ultimate Fighter"?
  • Fans and reporters are already speculating that many UFC fighters will attempt to go down to the lower weight classes, but what bantamweight/featherweight fighters will decide to bump up?

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