Sunday, October 3, 2010

BJ Penn Taking Training for Hughes Seriously. Seriously???

No more doughnuts, no more beer, and no more three-day a week training. BJ Penn says he's taking his training seriously for his November 20 showdown with all-time rival Matt Hughes. Rumors placed questions over the seriousness of Penn's preparation and his difficulties making the 155 lb cut for his most recent fight against Frank Edgar at UFC 118. But BJ says he's been "training hard." He would not divulge his training plan, but insists that he's focused on his training, and that is why he has not posted any blogs (on lately.

We'll see if his "hard" training pays off at UFC 123 on November 20. The event will be the third meeting between Penn and Hughes. Their first fight came at UFC 46 in 2004, resulting in a first round win for Penn via rear naked choke. The two met again in 2006 for the UFC welterweight title. Hughes avenged his 2004 loss, taking home the title following a third round TKO due to strikes. This will be BJ Penn's first fight as a welterweight since loosing to Georges St. Pierre last year at UFC 94.


  1. penn won the fist match by rnc and got the belt. Second match Hughes won by strikes.

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  3. That's Vinrok for you, shoots for takedowns fast, types even faster, faster than he thinks. Good guy though! Beware the quicktyper!!!