Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nate Diaz: New Welterweight, New Man

Nate Diaz 's violent submission win over Marcus Davis in his official welterweight debut at UFC 118 was definitely a warning signal to the UFC welterweight roster. Why should UFC 170lbers break a sweat over Diaz?
  • Amazing flexibility and ability to manuever out of difficult positions and situations.
  • Long reach that complements both his boxing and jiu jitsu styles.
  • Proven submission game (watch out for the keylock).
  • Does not hesitate to mix it up with wrestlers, whether in the clinch or on the floor.
  • Excellent 'roller:' utilizes the 'roll' to escape holds and situations.
  • Working with the accomplished Caesar Gracie camp with training partners such as Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields, and brother Nick Diaz always helps.
Nate appeared healthy in his welterweight debut, but does has room to fill out. With a few more key wins at 170 we could see Diaz in the UFC welterweight title runnings.

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