Monday, September 27, 2010


Tonight MTV's newest episode of "World of Jenks" will delve into the life of WEC fighter Anthony Pettis. The episode will follow Pettis through his training regimen, daily routine, and take an in depth look at the life of a fighter. Catch "World of Jenks" tonight at 8 ET.

* * *

Oh, while we're on MTV and fighting, this week's episode of "Jersey Shore" should be a doozy. The usual house drama goes through the roof when cast members Snooki and Angelina exchange blows (calm down, I'm talking about fist blows). "Jersey Shore" has a peculiar history of fighting. Last season, cast member Ronnie showed cage potential in two separate altercations. In one fight Ronnie put the Thai clinch to work as he pummeled a guy on the boardwalk. His second fight really wasn't really a fight at all, as he knocked out another wreckless shore partier in two seconds. And these are only but two of many "Jersey Shore" squabbles. The next new episode will debut on Thursday, 10/9c.

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