Friday, September 3, 2010

Joe Warren: A Real 'Bellator'

Bellātor ōris, m bello, a warrior, soldier, fighting man.
He's not your average Joe...
Joe Warren stood dazingly in his corner awaiting the bell to sound starting the second round. Behind him, cornermen in Clinch Gear tee's bearing the slogan 'Baddest Man Alive' scurried to back their seats. What would happen next in that critical round, would define that very slogan, as Warren went on to knockout former Bellator Featherweight Champion Joe Soto in head-ringing fashion.

In the first round, Soto used Warren as a punching bag, putting on a show of superior boxing skills. The battle of two accomplished wrestlers looked more like a one way sparring session with Joe Warren on the receiving end, the victim of skull crushing straight rights and underhooks. But tables turned in the second round when an overconfident Joe Soto pimp walked to center cage and after throwing a few mild tags, met a stiff Joe Warren right that would send hime swaying to the canvas. Machine gun hammer fists and a knee from south of the equator had Soto seeing fireworks. Right, left, referee steps in for the stoppage. A new champion is crowned. Joe Warren becomes the new Bellator Featherweight Champion and the hero of Bellator 27.

Bellator 27 Quick Results
Main Bouts:
Ed West def. Bryan Goldsby via Unanimous Decision
Zach Makovsky def. Nick Mamalis via Unanimous Decision
Joe Warren def. Joe Soto via Knockout (Strikes) at :33 in R2(for Bellator Featherweight Title)

Preliminary Bouts:
Steven Peterson def. Ernest De La Cruz via Unanimous Decision
Jon Kirk def. Shane Faulkner via TKO (Strikes) at 2:19 in R3
Ulysses Gomez def. Travis Reddinger via Split Decision
Gilbert Jimenez def. Aaron Barringer via Unanimous Decision
Richard Odoms def. Dale Mitchell via Split Decision
Andrew Craig def. Rodrigo Pinheiro via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) 2:53 in R3
Andrew Chappelle def. Joe Christopher via Unanimous Decision

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