Saturday, September 4, 2010

Din Thomas' Next Possible Promotional Appearance Revealed?

You can always count on Matthew Kaplowitz a.k.a The Fight Nerd ( to bring some of the most interesting and off the beat news. Kaplowitz recently caught up with former UFC lightweight Din Thomas at the UFC 118 Expo in Boston last weekend.

Among other topics, Thomas reveals his next possible promotional appearance. Thomas' career had been fairly quiet following his pink slip from the UFC in 2008. That is until Shine fights paired Thomas with boxing standout Ricardo Mayorga in their highly touted boxing vs. MMA showdown -- a fight that never happened due to Don King sticking his greedy afro in the business. But now Din Thomas has new and bigger plans. Check for the spoiler at the 2:10 mark.

Will Thomas continue to compete at featherweight permanently, will he return the lightweight division, or will he flop between the two?

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