Friday, September 24, 2010

Dana White Strategically Avoids Chael Sonnen PEDs Convo by Josh Barnett Hatin'

In a recent interview with MMA reporter Ariel Helwani (, UFC president Dana White ripped into Josh Barnett like a prostate exam gone bad. White took the obvious, 'avoid anything that tarnishes the UFC' route, redirecting the interview from the Chael Sonnen PEDs situation to a foul go-in on former UFC and Pride Heavyweight Josh Barnett. Barnett more recently signed with Strikeforce and is awaiting a fight announcement with the promotion. As for the Chael Sonnen situation, White says "there's more than meets the eye to this story." More than meets the eye? It sure sounds like Dana is doing what he can (going as far as showing sympathy for Affliction and Fedor Emelianenko, folks who Dana has had shaky past relationships with; 9:19 mark in video) to transform this situation into a bad situation-turned-forgotten, much like Sean Sherk, Stephan Bonnar, Nate Marquardt (yeah, I'm sure you forgot,but these guys all popped positive steroid screenings while fighting under the UFC banner), and a slew of others.

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Josh Barnett's Twitter counterattacks:
-Just saw another one with Dana going on about me. Sorry you'll never be a "real" tough guy. It's not for all of Boxercise
-I'm so irrelevant people can't stop talking about me...including Dana! Relevancy FTW. Maybe irreverant...sometime victim of typos for sure.

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