Monday, August 2, 2010

Suggested Plan of Attack for Jon Jones against James Toney (Just for Laughs)

UFC light heavyweight phenom Jon Jones really stuck it to cage veteran Vladimir Matyushenko at 'UFC on Versus 2.' Jones' rise in the UFC has driven a matchmaking frenzy among media and fans who now ask, "Who's next."

But onlookers look no further. Jones' next obstacle might be right around the corner, in the form of one heavyweight champion boxer -- none other than James Toney.

Last week Jones made some sketchy comments about Toney on Tapout Radio:

"Do you really think you're going to uppercut a collegiate wrestler when he's coming full force into a double leg dive? I think he [James Toney] is just really naive to think that with hand combinations alone he's going to be able to defend takedowns from the clinch and double leg dives. So I think he's just ignorant in a way and I don't really have a hard time calling him ignorant because of some of the statements he's made about our sport." 

Toney, of course, didn't hesitate to comeback:

"Jon ‘Homo’ Jones better do his research before he talks shit about me,” Toney fired back on the FightHype site today. “He doesn’t know anything about me. He’s about to learn though because when I see Jon Jones, I’ma slap his ass. I don’t play those games. He better learn how to fight before he talks shit about me."

Forget the fact that James Toney will be making his MMA/UFC debut at UFC 118 later this month against UFC hall of famer Randy Couture. It appears that both fighters are already looking past the impatiently awaited boxing vs. MMA match-up for a match of their own. Jon Jones didn't wait to express his interest in meeting Toney in the cage. He said he'd be willing to bump up to the heavyweight division to meet James in a mixed martial arts bout.

But until a dream Toney vs. Jones bout can take place there's still UFC 117 (and Toney's 118 debut) ahead of us, and we all know how James Toney likes to make surprise UFC appearances. Having been threatened, Jon Jones may have to defend himself in the event of an impromptu James Toney  appearance. 

Here's the perfect strategy for Jones if faced with a James Toney surprise (not that he needs our advice, this is for laughing purposes). Who else but Tito Ortiz to offer the jab-and-go strategy, perhaps the perfect strategy when encountering a boxer:

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