Monday, August 30, 2010

MMA Movie Night: "Beatdown" and "Never Back Down 2"

MMA fans, it looks like there's some hot new movies coming our way. The long overdue MMA action film "Beatdown" is scheduled for DVD release tomorrow, August 31, 2010, and it looks like the popular MMA themed fight flick "Never Back Down" will be honored with a sequel, "Never Back Down 2."

"Beatdown" was expected to hit the shelves some months ago, but a perfectly timed back-to-school release shouldn't stall things. Michael Bisping, Heath Herring, Bobby Lashley, and Mike Swick highlight the cast, while Rudy Youngblood (Apocolypto) and the oh, so-gangster Danny Trejo (if you've never seen "Blood In, Blood Out" just go ahead and slap yourself) represent among the more experienced actors on the roster.

Peep the trailer:

*   *   *

Plans for a "Never Back Down 2" should widen some eyes. Fight fans should expect a revamped style, as actor and Kung Fu black belt Michael Jai White takes to the director's chair in the sequel to the critically acclaimed action film "Never Back Down." Away with the Beverly Hills-ish feel in part two. Let's just hope we get the "Blade" Michael Jai and not the "Why Did I Get Married" Michael Jai. We'll also see 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo and 10th Planet black belt Scott Epstein hit the big screen (hope there's and endless supply of cannabis on set), along with UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee.

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