Friday, August 13, 2010

Bernard Hopkins Comes out of the Closet

It was only a matter of time before fast puncher, faster talker Bernard Hopkins chimed in on the Randy Couture vs. James Toney/MMA vs. Boxing matchup. In a recent interview on Sirius' Hardcore Sports radio show, Hopkins, a former middleweight world champion boxer, sent somewhat of a warning to fellow boxer James Toney: 

"I think James Toney is going to get his ass kicked. James Toney is out of his league."

He then goes on to admit boxer's limitations against mixed martial artists:

"…I believe, and I'll go on record with this, the best MMA guy or UFC guy goes up against the boxer in the world, in their arena… gets their ass kicked. I don't care if it's Floyd (Mayweather), (Manny) Pacquiao, or Bernard Hopkins. It's not what we do.
This is a different arena, I'm not trying to say he won't have any moments, but listen when that instinct come in when one guy is used to taking a guy down or used to using his forearm or shin or whatever, hey man you take that away that's like taking a lion's teeth out, he's no longer a lion."

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These comments are a contradiction to the mixed martial arts opinion we've heard from B-Hop in the past. In an October 2009 interview Hopkins called MMA "gay porn:"

From "gay porno" to "best UFC guy kicks boxers ass," either Hop had a senior moment (he's now 45 years old) and forgot what he said only some months ago, or he is expressing a genuine change of heart and has come to embrace the sport of 'guys in panties and nuts in their face.' Or maybe this is one of the rare moments in which a certified tough guy like Bernard Hopkins would actually favor MMA for fear of meeting a Gray Maynard-type on the street.

My thery: Bernard Hopkins is a down-low MMA fan.

So, when world champion boxer James Toney meets UFC Randy Couture in the Octagon the world will be watching, including Bernard Hopkins.

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As for James Toney…

You know the Motown motor mouth wasn't going to keep his mouth shut on this one. Here's JT's latest retaliation effort:

I don't like neither of them anyway so it don't matter… I don't care about the boxing community, I care about James Toney. It's about James Toney and Randy Couture. It's about James Toney and Randy Couture. It's not about James Toney and boxing and James Toney and MMA. This is James Toney and Randy Couture so for Bernard he can go somewhere and get his damn teeth fixed. And David Haye, he's gay. I don't care about none of that. So, they can just listen to all their [expletive].

It should also be noted that Toney and Hopkins have an off-and-on, male drama-filled dialogue that stems back some years. But we'll stick with the more recent Toney-Hop soap opera episodes. Here's a quote from a December 2009 interview with James Toney:

"I'm like Freddie Kruger to Bernard Hopkins. I'm Candyman; he says my name 3 times and he's going to see me. Bernard knows who he can pick on. He picks fights that he knows he can win. He's not going to [expletive] with me…"

So, if Randy Couture says Candyman three times, hmmm?

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