Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome Back McCarthy!!!

The title may sound like some funky 70's sitcom, but we're not talking afros and bell bottoms here folks. We're talking about the Octagon the way it was intended to be -- blood, sweat, and Big John McCarthy in the center.

It's been a while since McCarthy last graced the UFC Octagon, three years to be exact. Since then Big John has kept himself busy with other projects. He briefly worked with The Fight Network as an MMA commentator. In the interim, John has officiated matches in various other promotions. He also started his own referee training school, COMMAND, in 2008.

McCarthy's parting with the UFC was not a pleasant one. His conflict with UFC president Dana White is well known to the public. McCarthy has always expressed his concerns for the general welfare of the mixed martial arts, concerns which drove a wedge between him and White.

But it won't be long before we see John McCarthy in the Octagon again. Big John is slated to make his UFC return at UFC on Versus 2 on August 1 in San Diego.

In the great words of Mr. 'Big John' McCarthy, "Let's get it on!!!"

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