Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Metamorphosis of James Toney

A pictorial timeline of James Toney's fit to fat transformation.

A smooth but trim James Toney. Circa 1992. Approximate age: 24

A larger framed, fatty, but muscular James Toney. Circa 2003? This may have been taken around the time that Toney tore his biceps and triceps muscles. Toney tested positive for steroids in 2005. It is well known that steroid use can lead to muscle and tendon tears and strains.

Toney at his leanest? Circa? Time period doesn't matter here. It's the perfect set up for the next pic ====>

A more recent, marshmallow man-like picture of the Heavyweight Champ. I suppose he's maintaining the same diet and training regimen, hence the following statement:
"How did I train? I didn't train. I bought me one of these Fedor sweaters and ate ice cream for eight weeks. I'm ready to go."

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