Monday, July 19, 2010

D-Dub tweets his office phone number to the world

What happens when the most popular MMA mogule in the world, who has a Twitter account with over one-million followers, mistakingly tweets his office phone number for all to see?

You get a telephone that rings off the hook, a voicemail account that fails due to an overload of messages, and a media frenzy that adds more exposure for MMA's top promoter and the organization he promotes.

In the sailoresque words of Dana White himself, "I f****d up."

Yes Mr. White, you definitely messed up when you tweeted your telephone number to the world! But, fortunately for you, your mistakes provide marketing opportunities that drop mo' money into your bank account. When most of us pile up too many voicemails, we dread the five or ten minutes it takes to play them back. Then, the rest of us go along wishing someone (except for the bill collector) cared enough to leave us a voicemail message.

Well, at least he got to talk to some "cool" people.

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