Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who's 'queen of the hill' in Women's MMA promotions?

Jessica Aguilar will compete in the Women's Flyweight Division of Bellator's third season.

Bellator Fighting Championships moves into uncharted territory as it aims to be the first major MMA promotion to present the Women's 115lb division on an exclusive basis. Bellator has filled all brackets for next season's Women's Flyweight Division tournament in which eight fighters will compete for BFC's first Women's Flyweight Title. 

On the fight roster are Aisling Daly, Jessica Aguilar, Megumi Fujii, Rosi Sexton, Lynn Alvarez, Lisa Ward, Angela Magana, and Jessica Pene. The matchmaking should prove interesting as six of the competitors  are ranked in the Unified Women's MMA Flyweight Rankings (Fujii-1, Ward-4, Pene-5, Aguilar-7, Magana-8, Alvarez-10). Pairings have yet to be announced. quoted Bellator's latest signee, Irish female MMA standout Aisling Daly with the following statement:

Bellator is the No.1 organization in the world for women’s MMA right now, so I jumped at the chance to sign,” Daly said in a release. “They have all of the best female fighters in the world signed, and I firmly believe that whoever wins the tournament is the best pound-for-pound female fighter in the world. That’s my goal, and that’s what I’m coming to the U.S. to do. Nobody will remember who finishes second."

Such strong statements to make when Strikeforce has produced some high level matches in its women's mixed martial arts divisions. If Bellator's route in women's MMA proves successful in its third season, who will wear the crown as 'queen of the hill' in Women's MMA competition, Stikeforce or Bellator?

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