Monday, June 28, 2010

Re: "'Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum' Aftermath: Well, Holy $h!t," Cagepotato

Or, "Defending the Independent MMA Blogger in the post-Fedor vs. Werdum Era"

The MMA world was shaken this past Saturday when highly overlooked underdog Fabricio Werdum tapped the world's pound-for-pound best fighter, Fedor Emelianenko. Fans left the HP Pavilion shaking their heads--some in awe, others still confused over an outcome they never even considered. MMA bloggers, critics, and writers rushed to their keyboards, eager to report MMA's biggest upset to date.

In the days following Fedor vs. Werdum, we witnessed a widespread epidemic of writer's pride syndrome among MMA writers, specifically among those writing for major sports and MMA websites. The symptoms were visible in the weeks approaching the fight as the same obvious prediction prevailed on MMA sites--that Fedor would crush Fabricio Werdum with relative ease.

One website in particular, in their vast knowledge of mixed martial arts (sarcasm), felt it necessary to blame the 'little guys' for impatient fulfillment of the common 'victorious Fedor' prediction. went as far as calling guys with websites and internet radio shows who claim to have predicted Fabricio Werdum's seat in the winner's bracket "liars."

Said Cagepotato:
In the days and weeks following Fedor Emelianenko’s stunning loss to Fabricio Werdum inside the Strikeforce cage on Saturday night, some jerk with a website or internet radio show will probably try to tell you that he saw this coming. When that happens it will be important for you to remember that, aside from a very, very select group of individuals, those people are goddamned liars.

In retrospect – and retrospect always feels cheap – maybe it's not shocking that Emelianenko lost a fight down the stretch of his storied MMA career. Regardless of the nonsensical stuff Frank Shamrock told us at the top of last night’s broadcast about Fedor’s “impenetrable shield of invincibility,” Emelianenko himself has taken pains to remind us again and again that he is, in fact, just a man; a man who puts his traditional Russian garments on one leg at a time like everybody else.

But to lose this fight? Admit it, you didn’t see that coming.

Well, to the pompous elite of MMA blogging and news writing at Cagepotato and otherwise, I am the "jerk" with a website and net radio show who saw this coming. 

I posted this message on a Facebook message board just two days before the big fight:

I'm goin' with Werdum. Everybody is riding Fedor but I think all the fanfare will kill his strategy--everybody knows what he does. We know the desperation overhand right is coming, and so does Werdum. His game is too obvious now. He's been claiming that he's working on his kick game for the longest now, but that remains to be seen. He can scramble in the clinch but his clinch game can be matched. Go back and watch Fedor vs. Lindland. Matt had the drop on him. He was in position to execute a clean throw until Fedor grabbed the ropes. That match might have turned out differently if Fedor hadn't grabbed the ropes. Then, there's Arlovski and Rogers which both ended via overhand right. His strategy is running thin. Werdum is still in his competitive prime. He cannot come out sloppy like he did in his last couple fights (ie Mike Kyle). He has to circle, circle, circle, and stay away from the ropes. And most importantly, he must take it to the ground! I'm predicting Werdum via RNC.

Now, how dare a guy with a website and an online radio show make a prediction so close to the actual outcome!

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