Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New York State Assembly delivers counter shot

It wasn't a knockout blow but it was enough to keep MMA legalization against the cage. The state Assembly of New York neglected to fulfill the desires of MMA hopefuls as mixed martial arts failed to make the proposed state budget. This threatens any chances of a mixed martial arts event being held in the Empire State this year.

The New York Daily News reports...

Ultimate fighting in New York looks like longshot after Assembly move

ALBANY - The push to legalize ultimate fighting in New York is on the ropes.

Assembly Democrats stripped approval for the wildly popular violent sport from a budget bill that lawmakers will take up as soon as today.
Gov. Paterson sought to legalize mixed martial arts, saying fights could pull in more than $2 million in tax revenue for the cash-strapped state.
"The majority of voices who spoke about this issue in our conference were not supportive of approving it as part of the budget," said Assemblyman Steven Englebright (D-L.I.), a fight fan.

Englebright said it's a long shot the Assembly will revisit the issue. The state Senate has already approved the sport.

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