Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lessons from UFC 115

Image Props: Tracey Lee, Cagewriter’s “5 Things We Learned from UFC 115:” (click to view)
1. It’s Time for Chuck Liddell to Find His Sunset (retire)

2. Pat Barry Is Wasting His Potential (should’ve won when he had the chance)

3. Martin Kampmann Is Only Getting Better

4. Evan Dunham Is the Truth

5. Mistakes in MMA Have Real Consequences (Judging/Officiating)

Hotwire's Five
1. Rothwell vs Yvel should’ve been JDS vs. Velasquez.

2. Lidell proved that a new physique doesn't win fights but he may have a new career opportunity hosting P90X.

3. For Cro Cop, no sponsors=Gangsta!

4. Tony Weeks is proof that MMA still has too much room for improvement in the judging department.

5. Kapmann should be feared but let’s not rush it—don’t let Marty-mar become a victim of poor match-making.

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