Saturday, June 19, 2010

The latest from Dana [bleeping] White -- MMA media all about $$$

A recent comment from UFC President, Dana White on the MMA media's money-hungry ways:

“My biggest beef with a lot of these MMA websites is that these guys are for-profit websites,” White told the Junkie during one of his trademark, seemingly only partly thought-out rants. “They're not [expletive] news sites. They're for-profit websites."

There's a real problem here . . . 

Since when is there a need to make a distinction between news sites and "for-profit" websites? What do we call the New York Times and The Chicago Tribune? These and most news sites are "for-profit." So, why should MMA sites conduct themselves any differently.

Furthermore, who is Dana to judge when the UFC generates far more cash revenue than all MMA websites combined?

Mr. White, don't get ahead of yourself. When you go home to your million dollar house, think about the young journalist at who watches your UFC programs in a humble one-room, studio apartment.

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